International Lunar Decade

Build infrastructure in cislunar space and on the Moon to open the space frontier…

The International Lunar Decade (ILD)

ILD is a global decadal event designed to provide a framework for the development of a sustainable space economy.  To be launched by 2017, the 60th anniversary of the International Geophysical Year that marked the dawn of the space age with the launch of Sputnik, the ILD will include events around the world to celebrate space exploration, science, and the expansion of humanity into the Solar System.

The ILD framework links lunar exploration and space sciences with the development of enabling technologies, infrastructure, and laws and policies that lower the cost and risks of venturing into space thereby encouraging commercial businesses to do business beyond low Earth orbit.  A decade has been chosen for event because space activities are costly and complex and require considerable planning.   However, much can be accomplished in a decade following a roadmap that drives the emergence of a sustainable space economy.

International collaboration is key to the potential success of ILD comparable to the level of collaboration in the International Geophysical Year when over 60 countries, large and small, developed and emerging, collaborated in the study of the Earth.   ILD is being designed with roles for established space powers involving organizations such as the International Space Exploration Coordinating Group (ISECG) with the expectation that the present 14 space agencies involved will grow to include all members of the the G20 along with smaller states with a particularly strong interest in space.

Since the vision of the ILD is ultimately economic and will have a major global economic impact, it will be important to involve the G20 as the leading global forum for economic development issues.   The initial phases of the ILD are focussed on space exploration and the development of a knowledge base as well as on the development of a roadmap that provides for the development of infrastructure, key enabling technologies and policies that encourage economic development in space.   Involvement of the G20 spanning all major global economies can help to assure that the ILD meets the objective of building the foundations for a sustainable space economy beyond Earth orbit over the course of the decade of the ILD.

One comment on “The International Lunar Decade (ILD)

  1. Bob Goddard
    February 12, 2017

    I agree entirely. To see how an international Moon base might function – and benefit humanity – read ‘Mother Moon’ –


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