International Lunar Decade

Build infrastructure in cislunar space and on the Moon to open the space frontier…


Downloadable resources list.


Louis D. Friedman and Bruce H. Betts 2007 “The International Lunar Decade”, paper delivered at ILEWG 9th International Conference on Exploration and Utilization of the Moon, HTML

Vid Beldavs 2014  “The International Lunar Decade”, The Space Review,

Vid Beldavs 2015 “The International Lunar Decade: Scenarios for long term collaboration in space development”. The Space Review,

Vid Beldavs, David Dunlap, Jim Crisafulli and Bernard Foing 2015 “The Lunar Electric Power Utility”,  The Space Review,

Note – the Sacramento Chapter of NSS has done considerable work regarding options for electrical power for lunar operations.   They have developed a position paper and an extensive appendix.  See:

Joseph Barrett Bland, Michael Abramson, and Roger Arnold 2015 “Powering a Moon base through the lunar night”, The Space Review,

Vid Beldavs, David Dunlap, Jim Crisafulli and Bernard Foing 2016 “NASA’s Journey to Mars and ESA’s Moon Village enable each other”, The Space Review,

Working papers

David Dunlop 2015

ILD Workshop Checklist,

David Dunlop 2015 International Lunar Decade Description

David Dunlop 2015  An ILD Projects by  Matrix as a Framework for Project Collaboration and Financial Estimates


Pamela E. Clark, R. D. Cox, David Dunlop 2014 “The lunar initiatives: Opening the lunar frontier,

Peter Schubert 2014  Energy resources beyond the Earth: SSP from lunar resources

Jim Schier 2015 “Concept for a Lunar Power and Communications Utility”,

Vid Beldavs, David Dunlop, Bernard Foing, Jim Crisafulli, “Achieving breakthrough: Status of the international lunar decade. presentation at International Astronautical Federation Congress, Jerusalem, October, 2015, ILD status – iaf congress 2015-10-12 to 16-rev

V. Beldavs, D. Dunlap, J. Crisafulli, B Foing, “ILD Framework for Development”, Lunar Exploration Analysis Group annual meeting, October 2015,




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