International Lunar Decade

Build infrastructure in cislunar space and on the Moon to open the space frontier…

ILD promotion plan

ILD is a complex, global event with many elements but with the overarching idea that it provides a framework for international collaboration to build towards a sustainable space economy built through shared knowledge, shared infrastructure, common policies that promote collaboration while encouraging competition that advances human capacities, technological development and innovation.   To achieve fullest success governments,  international scientific organizations need to be involved as well as space agencies, economic development agencies, educational groups, NGOs, and businesses.   As humanity expands into our Solar System a rapidly growing range of opportunities will emerge in space, but also on Earth.

An idea proposed by Russell Cox is to have an International Lunar Geophysical Year in 2017-2018 roughly modeled on the original IGY to be followed by the ILD starting in 2019.  Due to the need to involve major governments and intergovernmental organizations for ILD to fulfill the purpose of providing a framework for international collaboration linking infrastructure development with a technology development roadmap with a policy development roadmap this model may be more achieveable with a global event in 2017-2018 that is followed by a a global space development program.   See –

The ILD Campaign is something that can succeed with support from a group of international scientific organizations as was the case for the IGY of 1957-58.

I     The International Council of Scientific Unions has 16 interdisciplinary bodies. The one with the most direct potential connection to ILDCampaign is COSPAR. However the implications and scope of the ILD Campaign could also involve several of the other interdisciplinary bodies which are listed below:

International Science Council 16 Interdisciplinary Bodies

Antarctic Research               ( A model for  collaborative International Lunar Research or what I have been Calling International Lunar Survey)

1          Space Research COSPAR    would be the Interdisciplinary body formulating this       Sub-interdisciplinary body International Lunar and Cislunar Research with connections to

2          Disaster Risk Planetary Protection component  (IRDR)                                      Impactors, Space Weather   (Carrington Event Scale Impacts)

3          Radio Astronomy and Space Science                                               (IUCAF)

4          Solar-Terrestrial Physics                                                                    (SCOSTEP)

5          World Data System                                                                            (WDS)

6          Data for Science & Technology                                                          (CODATA)

7          Future Earth

Global Sustainable Development

Transformations towards Sustainability

Sponsors ICSU. ISSC, Belmont Forum of funding agencies

UNESCO, UNEP, UNUniversity, World Meteorological Organization

II       There are also quite a number of scientific unions which comprise the ICSU membership with the addition of 132 national scientific organizations.

Members of ICSU with potential connections to an International Lunar Decade for the Further Exploration and Economic Development of the Moon and Cislunar Space 

IAU      International Astronomical Union

ICA      International Cartographic Association

IUCR   International Union of Crystallography

ISPRS  International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

IUGG  International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics

IUGS   International Union of Geological Sciences

IUMRS International Union of Materials Research Societies

IUMS    International Union of Microbiological Sciences

IUPAB  International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics

IUPAC International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

IUPAP  International Union of Pure and Applied Physics

IUPESM International Union for Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine

IUPS     International Union of Physiological Sciences

IUPSYS    International Union of Psychological Sciences

IUSS   International Union of Soil Science

URSI   Union Radio Scientifique Internationale

ICSU Scientific Associations list with potential connection to an International Lunar Decade for Further Exploration and Economic Development of the Moon and Cislunar Space

IIASA   International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. Modeling the growth of a cislunar and lunar surface economy and its impact on the terrestrial economy including the areas of energy use environmental and social impacts.

IUVSTA   International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Application

UIS     Union Internationale de Speleologie

The ILD Campaign might begin as a Scientific Associate status  initiative beginning as  we have suggested as an International Lunar Survey Working Group organized within the collaborative framework of ISECG and COSPAR.  As this initiative matures the ILD Campaign might become as recognized locus for interdisciplinary studies like Antarctica or other terrestrial areas. That would make sense within the organizational structure of the ICSU.

This is a sensible “pitch” for the ILD Campaign and one that would be similar to the landscape of these international scientific organizations. Like any other proposal this potentially cross cuts the turf or a lot of the existing groups and the more of them that have a slice of the proposed pie the more likely that they see there is something to be gained from the ILD initiative. This is in short

a strategy for more engagement in the international lunar exploration, and one where options for participation newly affordable





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